Anonymous asked:

Alternatives for cutting? Please. I promised my best friend id try not to cut for a week.

forgottenfeeelings answered:

put a rubber band around your arm and if you feel the urge to cut then pull it and let it ’ hurt ’ you. Try to distract yourself on another way. When you feel the urge you should try to do things you like.. Maybe write down what you think, work out, listen to calming music, watch a movie, textyour friend to help you.. there are so much possibilities :) 

There’s this thing called the butterfly project where you draw a butterfly every time you feel like cutting and name it after someone you love. So then if you cut where the butterfly is, you are hurting someone you love. In truth, that is what cutting does because it makes people sad when they can’t make someone they care about happy. I don’t even know you and it makes me sad that you cut yourself, because I have been there and I know how much it hurts inside. Stay strong <3


youtube-asdf asked:

so I'm gonna make an announcement on my blog but I'm just gonna tell you that I was following u from the start and my account got deleted at 15k due to my eighth suicide attempt but this time isn't going to be an attempt. it's gonna be for real, and reblogs or anything isn't gonna save me. I just want someone you know? and idk. but I wanted to say I love you. and thank you.

tyleroakleyismyqueen answered:

Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare leave me. I love you. Nothing is worth taking your own life. I know you have been told this many times before but you have so much more to live for, even if you don’t believe it. You have to live. You have to live to see the sun rise and you have to live to see your greatness unfold because you haven’t seen anything yet and it’s worth waiting for. Please don’t. If you have nothing that’s holding you back, you have me. You have me, someone you have never met in tears NEEDING you to live. I honestly, truly love you to the moon and back forever and always and I couldn’t live my life happily knowing that you are gone. You are worth it. You are a star in the sky only just beginning to shine. Don’t you want to live to see yourself glow? I LOVE YOU. Please, please don’t leave me. 






See the thing is, I’ve gotten help.
I’ve repeated school.
they gave up on me cause I failed again.
I’ve been hospitalized.
I’ve been a failure.
I can’t get better.
I just cannot.

Yes. You. Can. 

You need to fight. Fuck everybody else. Right now, the only person that matters is you. Think about all the amazing adventures you’ll miss and the love of your life will go loveless without you. Please. Stay.

I don’t know what to do.
I literally can’t fight any of these feelings anymore.
all I ever feel is the sorrow clinging to the walls of my lungs, and I smoke hoping it’ll burn it away. but it doesn’t work.
my mind is fogged up with too many thoughts, and I’ll drink to forget about it, but it only works for a bit, and now the fog is a thick black smoke.
and I’m choking, and I can’t breathe.
and I’m ok with that.

Just breath. Take a moment. Visit The Dawn Room. 

You aren’t the only one. I have been there too and you know why I am still alive? I didn’t die when I tried to and I decided that there was a reason. I decided my reason to live would be that there are people like you who are still going through this and sometimes just need someone to listen so they know that they are not alone. I’m not saying that you have to use your life to make other people smile, but it isn’t a bad place to start. You have a purpose on this earth and I love you for it. So smile. Look yourself in the mirror and decide to get better. And one day, it will <3 stay strong 



I don’t know how this fandom got to be thee most amazing group of people I’ve ever met but the amount of love and support we have for one another is unbelievable. So, from the bottom of my heart, that you for being who you are and thank you for loving each other. Maybe one day, all communities can be just as loving and accepting as ours and the world will be a better place.  <3


When I say stuff like “I want to die,” it doesn’t mean i’m going to kill myself. It just means I wouldn’t care if I died. It’s okay to feel that way sometimes. There is a big difference between wanting to be dead and wanting to end your life. Wanting to die is a feeling many people experience because of loneliness or pain or hardships in their life or just plain sadness. Wanting to end your life is when you give up and think that there isn’t a way it’s going to get better. It’s taking the easy way out while having the courage to leave everyone behind. We make excuses and choose only to remember the tiny problems that people have with us and rationalize that as “they wouldn’t care.” But that isn’t true. People do care. So please, please if you are reading this and you feel this way, someone out there loves you dearly. You might not even know they exist, or you might not see their love, but someone loves you. If you have tried to kill yourself before, and it hasn’t worked, there is a reason that you are still here. You have a purpose to fulfill. I can’t tell you what that purpose is, you have to figure it out on your own, but you do have one. If you haven’t attempted it before and you keep dreaming of downing those pills or you are holding that knife, please; put it down. Do the world a big favor and stay in it. You will meet assholes and ignorant biggots and people who are to narrow-minded to see who you really are, but please, don’t die. You will meet people one day just like you who love your music and your fashion, who share your experiences, hopes, and dreams. You will meet people who have the same values of you, and share your sense of humor, and they will love you. Yes, there will always be little differences, but that is what makes you so beautiful. All you can be is you and no one else is exactly like you. Embrace that unique beauty and stand up to anyone who can’t. Life is a long road with many bumps in it, but it’s still too short to let it pass you by. So please, I implore you to try and change someones day, to make them smile. Maybe that one shy smile is all they need to help put the knife down. 

What anime characters mean to me

I feel like nagisa furukawa because I get sick a lot
 I feel like gasai yuno because of my parents 
 I feel like yukkiteru amano because people around me betray me 
 I feel like tomoyo okazaki because of my childhood 
 I feel like masami iwasama because I found an escape in music 
 I feel like misaki ayuzawa because there are parts of myself that I have to hide 
 I feel like edward elrich because I always have to protect my sister
I feel like fuko ibuki because no one ever sees me as I am 
 I feel like zero kiryuu because my best friend chose another girl over me 
 I feel like kotomi ichinose because I’m leaving my friends for my studies 
I feel like kawai ritsu because I like burying my face into a book so I don’t have to talk
I feel like sekki yukki because people always tell me what I have to do without asking me first
 And yes, this is why I LOVE anime.
And it is also why it is hard for me to choose who to cosplay.
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Wait so if gay people come out of closets then wouldn’t vaginas be closets??? Like here is your flashlight, swim your way out of my vagina little gayby.
(by the way, this isn’t supposed to be offensive in anyway, it’s just a joke. I’m pansexual)


We are trapped by what we love. It is the only thing that has a hold on us, ad by threatening to take it away, we are forced into a mindset that loving something is a bad thing. Then we cease loving anything, and fear our most beautiful emotion. We lose our passion, our hopes, our dreams; and we die. From the inside out this emptiness begins to eat at us until that is all we are. Isn’t society beautiful?


I don’t think parents understand that when they take your iPod, they are basically asking you to kill yourself. My music is the last thing that keeps me here, that makes me feel sane, that makes me feel even kind of okay. The bands I listen to have saved my life more times than I can count, and honestly, I never thought I would have to live without Sempiternal or We Stitch These Wounds. It’s like the inner piece of my soul has been ripped out and is burning in a fire in front of me. I haven’t felt this terrible in a really long time, but before, I had my music. Before, I could escape into my headphones and blissful lyrics. Now, everything is so raw and painful and constant. My lifeblood has been taken.